Güldeste Mamaç

Born in Izmir in 1989, Güldeste Mamaç started her music studies in violin, piano and solfege branches at the Izmir State Conservatory with Azeri violinist Arif Manaflı and composer Aysim Dolgun.
She moved to Germany at the age of 16, and studied with Lukas David, one of the world’s leading violin masters. While she was studying in Detmold, she spent a year in the Spanish capital, Madrid, on a scholarship from the Renia Sofia Music Academy. She studied there, chamber music with Günter Pichler, violinist of Alban Berg Quartet.
Güldeste says ; ”My father’s greatest passion is music. I’ve been singing since I’ve known myself. My family gave me the chance as a child to get basic education of different kinds of stage performance like theatre, music and dance.”
The artist learned basic breathing and singing techniques with Gabriela Koch. With the accumulation of classical music she went to Varanasi, to India. She began to learn classical Indian Music rhythm, violin and singing techniques with Sukhdev Prasad Mishra and Keshvav Rao Nayak.
Her background Turkey and her travels through the world to countries like India, Israel, China or Spain, their multi layered diversity strongly influence her music.
She describes her own music project ‘mahlukat’ with those words.
Born in Izmir, fell in love in Varanasi, made in Germany.
Güldeste is living since 2017 in Mannheim and works by different theatre productions as a musician and composer, having with her own project ”mahlukat” concerts all around the world.